Heading Level 1

Normal paragraphs <p> are also known as body content. Some times the body content in DotNetNuke is styled with the Normal class (.Normal).

Heading Level 2 <h2>

DotNetNuke also has a number of CSS selectors used throughout the framework and frequently used by module developers. Keeping these selectors in mind as you style your sheet will help to maintain a consistent look.





Heading Level 3 <h3>

It is important to test out all of your hyperlinks as well as you complete your style sheet. Test the links for link, hover, visited, and visted:hover.

Heading Level 4 <h4>

The list of custom selectors for Headings above shows another semantic use of HTML for defined list <dl>

Heading Level 5 <h5>

This paragraph will be used to style other inline elements in your cascading style sheet. We'll use the strong attribute to test heavily empahsized content. Another way to emphasize content is to use the em attribute.

Heading Level 6 <h6>

Finally, tables should be used for tabular content, but not for layout and positioning. Let's test a properly formatted table.

This is the Caption of our Table
Column Heading Column Heading Column Heading
cell cell cell
cell cell cell
cell cell cell